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Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Fun Fact:

The WHY of the Ordinary to Extraordinary Seven Principles for Life Success (O2E4Life) book.

Gary Josephson wrote O2E4Life success to offer seven evergreen principles to assist anyone from any background achieve a happy, healthier, better, and successful life.

Author quote “These principles are for the regular person like me- no special luck required, no family dynasty, no start-up money, no real estate investment, or the risk of other ventures- just behavioral principles what will set people up for success no matter what path or career they choose to follow”.


Despite the future’s uncertainty, young adults are forging forward with mixed levels of doubt and confidence about their potential to thrive over a lifetime.

They—and their parents—are unsure how they will achieve sustainable success.

What if a successful surgeon and healthcare leader could distill the simple elements that carried him from an ordinarychildhood to an extraordinary summit in both leadership and the medical field? Gary Josephson MD, MBA addresses this vulnerable adult audience with a practical plan for the moments they most need guidance to establish a lifelong trajectory of success.

Imagine someone who can guide and inspire others with empathy for their life experiences and deep knowledge of the challenges they face going forward. Perhaps this is someone who suffered setbacks and humiliations as a youngster but made an early commitment to become an advocate for youth? Someone who found the courage and the means to excel among high achievers? Dr. Josephson credits the use of his seven principles as the foundation that propelled his personal and professional achievements.

Ordinary to Extraordinary is not a story of one man’s journey, but rather a guided passage for all adults seeking long-term achievement and a fulfilling life. Each principle is sure to empower anyone eager and motivated enough to enhance their life and reach their goals. Offering recognizable markers and practical skills that are understandable and concise, Ordinary to Extraordinary shares a clear pathway to sustainable life-long success.


CL Lewis British writer and lay theologian best said, “Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny”. People face challenges and adversity multiple times through life. Especially in difficult times overshadowed with the COVID pandemic, where do you turn for peace and prosperity for you, your family, and your neighbors. The seven foundational evergreen principles offer a source of nutrition to build upon for resilience, continued personal and professional growth, and success.


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“When ordinary is just not enough—try extraordinary!”

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