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Senior Director, Member Organizational Development

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

Washington, DC

“I wish I had this book at the start of my career. I was always on the go and perpetually short of time. A set of simple to follow principles would have been a godsend! Fortunately, Gary Josephson, a successful surgeon and leader, articulates seven principles to help persons early in their careers (and others) overcome adversity and accelerate their journey to lifelong success and satisfaction. Designed as a quick read, I found its simplicity and wisdom to be ideal for the person who is short on time but unsure of how to move from an ordinary existence into an extraordinary life.” 


WJXT News4 Jax

Anchor Woman

A true delight!  I felt cheered on and encouraged throughout this entire read. Dr. Josephson shares his experiences and insight in such an uplifting way, you can’t help but want to glean more positivity from this great life guide which addresses sensitive decisions we all make; money management issues, living healthy — even dating advice! Despite all I have seen in nearly 30 years as a journalist, I’ll be rereading O2E the next time life throws me a curve ball! “


CEO & Co-Founder 


Inclusive Leaders Group

“Dr. Gary Josephson does an excellent job capturing the essence of what I believe many of us think about but sometimes have trouble putting into practice, particularly in challenging times—how to live your best life, every day. Dr. Josephson says it best in two quotes that describe the path toward a successful life and our impact on our community: ‘Surrounding yourself with people who wish to make a positive impact on others is what day-to-day community building is about’ as well as ‘It’s never too late to begin the journey and the path has the power to change anyone.’ I thoroughly enjoyed his book and highly recommend it. As you read his personal stories and reflect on his seven powerful principles you recognize what you CAN control. Dr. Josephson reminds us that it’s not too late, even in unprecedented times, to achieve a better total quality of life for ourselves and others. We must believe we have choices and with an ‘attitude of gratitude’ we can turn our vision of success into reality. He offers a practical approach, in a concise yet comprehensive way, with tips that will work for anyone to reach the goal of a well-lived life.”


Partner, Wealth Advisor Private Wealth Management Group

William Blair & Company

“Great read. . . If anyone were to follow these seven steps, life success and fulfillment are almost guaranteed.”


Executive Vice President/CFO, Strategy and Finance

Baptist Health Jacksonville

“. . . Dr. Josephson’s seven principles in the hands of the diligent steward will help move one’s life from ordinary to extraordinary starting with the power of attitude and ending with generosity. Food for the most fit. . . a must read for the initiate who wants to take life to the mountain top of purpose and meaning.”


Interim President

University of North Florida

“Who wouldn’t want a boost for success? Dr. Gary Josephson shares seven principles that he has found helpful in his successful life and others will too. The principles are down to earth and long lasting, no matter where you are along the journey. Each principle ends with tips and to appease any skeptic, includes facts supporting the validity of the principle. The importance of synergy of the principles results in an exceptionally strong finish.”


Resident Physician 

Department of Medicine 

North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center 

“If you are looking for an easy to read and captivating guide to life success, then Ordinary to Extraordinary: Seven Principles for Life Success is the book for you. Whether you are hoping to be promoted, transform yourself as an innovator or improve your personal relationships, the principles outlined in this book will help you get there. Dr. Josephson brings a personal and unique perspective to the scientific and historical literature on how to be successful. Being fortunate to be in the graduating class that heard Dr. Josephson’s commencement address, I and many of my classmates and our parents were intrigued and inspired by his seven principles. He has now shared them in a book with great examples for everyone interested to enjoy.”


GuideWell and Florida Blue

Executive Vice President of Commercial Markets. 

“As an accomplished and highly respected physician, Gary Josephson has directly impacted the health and well-being of countless people. Artfully described in Ordinary to Extraordinary, Dr. Josephson provides insight into the fundamental principles that have fueled his career success and more fundamentally his life success. Through relatable examples and practical tips, the seven principles for life success provide a thought-provoking framework to unlocking a more fulfilling life.”


Chief Executive Officer

Availity, LLC

“Ordinary to Extraordinary was a great read. I totally loved it. The seven principles were spot on for anyone yearning for a boost to success. Dr. Josephson provides a rare combination of thought-provoking principles and practical guidance. Together these form a recipe for success that anyone can follow. From the first principle of positive attitude to the last principle of living a benevolent life, the seven principles will help you to live a purpose-driven life journey. I enjoyed it so much, I am having my children read it!”


Vice President Mayo Clinic

CEO Mayo Clinic Florida Operations

“Ordinary to Extraordinary: Seven Principles for Life Success does a masterful job sorting through the complexities of everyday life to provide clarity on achieving success. Dr. Josephson delivers powerful and compelling guidance regarding the rationale for applying key tactics for success in each of the seven principles. Readers wishing to enhance their personal potential for success will be richly rewarded no matter their stage in life. Truly a wonderful read …”


Tom Coughlin Jay Fund

“Dr. Josephson’s book provides a framework for action that anyone can implement to achieve greater success.  The easy to read and cleverly formatted book shares 7 Principles designed to be incorporated together for more happiness, prosperity and self sustainability. I found each principle clear and effectively communicated.   This book was perfect for someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of time to read but wants to continue to grow personally and professionally.”


Founder of Hanania Automotive Group

“Ordinary to Extraordinary: Seven Principles for Life Success is a truly extraordinary inspirational guide that can absolutely change your personal and business lives! As a lifelong successful entrepreneur, I fully recognize the importance and brilliance of his writings and actually employ many of his guiding principles in my day-to-day life. Although weighty, it is an easy and compelling read that includes concrete action one can take to enrich their personal and business lives. I … will recommend it to all of my employees and colleagues!”

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