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Dr. Gary Josephson, MD, MBA, author of Ordinary to Extraordinary Seven Principles for Life Success, shares some principles to live by so you have a fulfilling life and sustainable long-term success.


Dr. Gary Josephson dedicated his life and career as a pediatric otolaryngologist and Chief Medical officer. Through this journey, he identified seven principles that, when applied, have a proven track record of producing a life you can be proud to live. Attitude, knowledge and wisdom, and benevolence are a few of the life-altering foundations. No matter your industry, understanding how principle 2, knowledge and wisdom, impacts your journey is a game changer. You need to know more than you need to know, so never stop learning.

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Mike Sacopulos interviews Gary Josephson, MD, CPE, MBA, chief medical officer at Nemours Children’s Health, in Jacksonville, Florida, about his new book, Ordinary to Extraordinary: Seven Principles for Life Success.  


This book is a useful tool to improve one’s life. Dr. Josephson provides wise counsel on the “7” principles that guide his life, and suggestions for all individuals on how to view life from ordinary to extraordinary. Dr. Josephson describes adversity, his physician leadership journey, and his work as a Certified Physician Executive (CPE).

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Dr. Josephson was invited to join Sheifalika Bhatnagar on Jacksonville News to discuss the 7 Principles, & centering your mind, body, and soul. 

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